IEDB Analysis Resource

Contribute tools to the IEDB-AR

One of the overarching goals of the IEDB is to be the central repository for tools that are of general use to the Immunology and Immunoinformatics communities. As such, we encourage developers of such tools to contact us to inquire about hosting your tool at the IEDB. The IEDB team would work with the developers to create a web portal and keep it up and running indefinitely. We believe this arrangement benefits all parties involved and the Immunology community as a whole. The process for submitting your tool for inclusion at the IEDB-AR is outlined below

Tool contribution process
  1. Send an email to and include the following information:
    • A summary of the problem that is addressed by your tool and why it is of general interest.
    • The publication status of your tool.
    • If there is a web server that currently hosts your tool, please provide the URL.
    • The time frame in which you will be ready to hand off your tool to IEDB developers.
  2. Submissions will be evaluated by IEDB staff to determine whether the tool fits within the scope of the IEDB and we have the capability (hardware, personnel, etc.) to implement it.
  3. You will receive a reply within 2 weeks with either a decision or a request for further information.
  4. Once your tool is approved for inclusion, you will work with IEDB developers to hand off code and create a web portal at the IEDB.
  5. The tool will be thoroughly tested for bugs and the load it exerts on the IEDB servers.
  6. After you give the go-ahead, links will be made public and it will be officially announced in the IEDB Newsletter as well as the IEDB-AR release notes. It will also be referenced in any future publication on the general capabilities of the IEDB-AR, (e.g., the annual NAR webserver issue).
  7. Finally, any updates you make to the tool can be applied, tested, and released in our 6-month development cycle.