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B Cell Epitope Prediction Tools

A collection of methods to predict linear B cell epitopes based on sequence characteristics of the antigen using amino acid scales and HMMs.
This method incorporates solvent-accessible surface area calculations, as well as contact distances into its prediction of B cell epitope potential along the length of a protein sequence.
This method predicts epitopes based upon solvent-accessibility and flexibility.
Developed by Paolo Marcatili and Anna Tramontano at the Biocomputing Unit of Sapienza University in Rome, PIGS is a tool for the automatic modeling of immunoglobulin variable domains based on the canonical structure method. It takes heavy and light chain sequences as input, automatically selects the best template, and provides a complete three-dimensional model of the target antibody as an output.
This page provides information on available methods for modeling and docking of antibody and protein 3D structures.

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